Gunson colortune

Gunson G40Colortune Single Plug Kit part of the Colortune range of tools. Facilite le réglage de la carburation; Détecte les problèmes de combustion.

Achetez Gunson G40Kit Colortune à une Seule Bougie : Bougies d’allumage : Amazon. Livraison gratuite possible dès 25€ d’achat. Gunson Colortune 14mm Kit Simple and unique mixture setting device.

Suitable For: Most production cars sold in the UK excluding larger Ford’s with 18mm . I used the 10mm Gunson Colortune to tune my 19Yamaha Seca II (XJ600). The bike is ridiculously lean from the factory, taking about minutes to warm up . GUNSON G40Colortune Bougie transparente mm diagnostique. The Colortune has a clear spark plug that lets you look into the combustion chamber while the engine is firing. The colour of the combustion flame tells you if the .

Bougie Colortune est une des milliers de références de piéces et accessoires. Les outils Gunson sont garantis ans contre tous défauts de fabrication. Colortune Product Warning If you are considering the purchase of a. BAI and Gunson, the manufacturer in England. Mixture adjusting screw Carburettor Colortune spark plug HT adapter HT lead.

Colortune allows you to see into the combustion chamber of the engine and to adjust the mixture simply by the colour of the flame. La bougie de test Colortune vous permet de voir la combustion et d’ajuster le mélange par sa couleur. I use one quite a bit but then again I’ve got a fair few bikes and I buy other ones on a regular basis. I find them to be the best way, other than a . COLORTUNE : La fameuse bougie transparente! COLORTUNE permet de chercher le réglage de richesse optimum et de déceler . Colortune is a glass topped spark plug which allows you to see the color of combustion in your cylinders.

Colortune takes the guesswork out of mixture . Whether your a professional or home mechanic, Colortune is so simple to use that anyone can use it. The basic principle behind Colortune is that certain fuel . Problems, Questions and Technical: Hey, I’m looking to set up twin carbs and i’ve been reading up on the colortune metho trouble .